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PFS, Inc is a principle member of Insurance Designers, LLC, one of the country’s most successful independent life insurance marketing groups, with 45 offices throughout the country.

As a true IMO, we provide you with full general agent compensation from all of our top companies and make sure you receive the right product and company for your prospects. We will also take the worry out of impaired risk underwriting by obtaining the best offer from our many carriers.

Our main goal is to help you sell or win the case and most importantly, underwrite, deliver, and pay for the case.


Bob Cloninger, CLU, ChFC

1215 Hill Stream Drive
Geneva, FL 32732

Local: 407-349-3240
Toll Free: 800-329-2070
Fax: 407-349-3243

William Booth, CSA

5003 Claymore Trail
Tallahassee, FL 32309

Office: 800-476-6144
Fax: 850-668-8713
Cell: 850-519-9582